Jekyll & Hyde Transformation Salon

Multicultural salon specializing in Locs, Dreadlocs, Creative Color, and HairArt deliberately creating a stylishly outstanding and unique transformtional experience for everyone.
Fluent in all hair types.

Located in the popular Knox-Henderson neighborhood of Uptown Dallas.
2330 N Henderson Ave, Dallas, TX 75206.


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Words to live by

“Embrace your duality, and become transformed.”

Jennifer Hyde

What I know: People desire to look amazing.  All people.

They desire to wear great fashion, embrace an individual style, and top it all off with the best quality haircuts, color, and hair styling; it is a completely universal thing.

Whether you are a high maintenance fashionista, high-powered CEO, stylish soccer mom,  sexy diva, seasoned professional, hardworking family person, a tatted-up rocker, or a trendy college coed…YOU deserve to look your best everyday! ​

Jekyll & HYDE is deliberately creating a Transformational Style Architecture experience and each clients’ personal evolution to build and create a winning look for each individual, every visit.

The transformation experience is about honoring our DUALITY.  The salon concept was developed around the idea that all people possess two sides to their personality.

The light and dark.  The good and bad.  The conservative and the wild child.

At Jekyll & Hyde it is encouraged for everyone to embrace these two sides of themselves, and therefore their personal style, with equal passion and creativity.  The ultimate goal; merge these two sides into one.  ​

Embrace your duality, and become transformed.

All the love,